Houses for sale Krakow

Number of offers:13
Dom o Powierzchni 135m2 w Malowniczej Okolicy
Location: Brodła, ul. Panoramiczna
Area: 14000
Number of rooms: 5
1350000 PLN
Dom wolnostojący 168 m2 od zaraz - działka 720m2
Location: Cholerzyn,
Area: 720
Number of rooms: 6
1500000 PLN
Dom o powierzchni 213m2 Węgrzce 5-pokoi
Location: Węgrzce, ul. C11
Area: 400
Number of rooms: 4
1560000 PLN
Piękny, nowoczesny domek na Chorwacji!
Area: 100
Number of rooms: 3
62180 PLN
Nowoczesne, wyposażone domki w Chorwacji!
Area: 100
Number of rooms: 2
32000 PLN
Dom na sprzedaż Grzegorzowice Wielkie 111m2
Location: Grzegorzowice Wielkie,
Area: 5
Number of rooms: 5
649000 PLN
Dom 160m2 4-pok Wysoki Standard Zamknięte osiedle
Location: Michałowice,
Area: 866
Number of rooms: 5
1729000 PLN
Luksusowy dom wolnostojący 5 pokoi 211 m2 | Ogród
Location: Droginia,
Area: 2000
Number of rooms: 5
2000000 PLN
Dom 140m2 6-pok | Garaż | Ogród
Location: Bochnia, ul. Józefa Romana
Area: 327
Number of rooms: 4
1150000 PLN
Przylasek Rusiecki /Dom / 176m2 / 5 pokoi
Location: Kraków, Przylasek Rusiecki, ul. Branicka
Area: 450
Number of rooms: 5
990000 PLN
Duży Dom 250m2 na działce 1100m2 Do wykończenia
Location: Kraków,
Area: 1100
Number of rooms: 8
1444000 PLN
Kraków /Żabiniec /330m2/
Location: Kraków, ul. Stefana Jaracza
Area: 2000
Number of rooms: 5
2000000 PLN

Krakow is a city that attracts with its beauty, culture, and rich history. If you are looking for the perfect place to live or invest, you should consider buying a house in such an exceptional location. Our real estate agency offers selected houses for sale in Krakow that will provide you with a high standard of living – regardless of your expectations.

Ideal location in the heart of Lesser Poland (Małopolska)

One of the most important factors that attract many people to Krakow is its excellent location. Krakow is centrally located in Poland, which allows for easy access to other cities in the country. In addition, it is located close to the border with the Czech Republic and Slovakia, which means that by buying houses for sale in Krakow, you get easy access to other European countries. Buying an apartment in Estate Lew Invest gives an opportunity to live in one of the best districts of Krakow, with access to all the city’s amenities. Our apartments are located in the best locations, close to the most important attractions, such as the Old Town, Wawel Castle, Kazimierz, and many others.

High standard of living, thanks to houses for rent in Krakow

Are you wondering if investing in houses for sale in Krakow is the best solution? Buying a house instead of an apartment has many benefits. First, houses offer more privacy and freedom, as they have a garden and outdoor space. Houses are also more spacious and allow for greater flexibility in interior design, as well as a more individual approach to decoration. In addition, houses for rent in Krakow are, above all, the best way to increase your financial capacities, as the market value of the real estate is constantly growing. 

Krakow is one of the fastest-growing cities in Poland, with a growing number of investments and tourists. It makes the purchase of houses for sale in Krakow an excellent investment, both financially and in terms of quality. Our range of apartments for sale at Estate Lew Invest includes a lot of luxury apartments in prime locations that will provide you with excellent investment value.

Professional support during the purchase of a house for sale in Krakow

Choosing the right property for you is a big undertaking, so it is necessary to have the support of a professional advisor. At Estate Lew Invest, our experienced real estate agents will help you select the perfect home and provide professional transaction support. Our agency staff will help you solve any problems while maintaining full transparency and ethics in each aspect of our work.

Trust the years we have spent gathering experience. Let us find a house for sale in Krakow that will meet all your expectations and at the same time will delight you with its uniqueness. Specify your budget and location preferences, and we will do the rest.

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