Properties for rent in Krakow

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Działka budowlana Siercza 30a | Nasłoneczniona
Location: Siercza,
Area: 3064
648000 PLN
Do wynajęcia 2 Pokoje, 40m2, balkon!
Location: Kraków, Grzegórzki, ul. Dąbska
Area: 40
Number of rooms: 2
3500 PLN
Mieszkanie 55.94 m2 ul. Mogilska | Młyny
Location: Kraków, ul. Mogilska
Area: 55.94
Number of rooms: 3
1328657 PLN
Czyżyny | ul. Sołtysowska | 2 pokoje | 34m2
Location: Kraków, ul. Sołtysowska
Area: 34
Number of rooms: 2
2600 PLN
Czyżyny/ os. Dywizjonu/3 pokoje/65m2
Location: Kraków, ul. Osiedle Dywizjonu 303
Area: 65
Number of rooms: 3
3000 PLN
Prądnik Czerwony / ul. Meissnera/ 3 pokoje/ 53m2
Location: Kraków, ul. Janusza Meissnera
Area: 53
Number of rooms: 3
3750 PLN
Prądnik Biały / ul. Radzikowskiego/ 2 pokoje/ 43m2
Location: Kraków, ul. Eljasza Walerego Radzikowskiego
Area: 43
Number of rooms: 2
2800 PLN
Nowoczesne mieszkanie/ Bronowice/ 2 pokoje /39m2
Location: Kraków, ul. Aktorów
Area: 39
Number of rooms: 2
2750 PLN
Mieszkanie 3 pok 83,3 m² Wysoki Standar
Location: Myślenice, ul. ppłk. Jana Dunin-Brzezińskiego
Area: 83.3
Number of rooms: 3
880000 PLN
CENTRUM | ul. Poznańska| 2 pokoje+garderoba |49m2
Location: Kraków, ul. Poznańska
Area: 49
Number of rooms: 2
3600 PLN
CENTRUM | Al. Kijowska | 2 pokoje | 53m2
Location: Kraków, ul. Aleja Kijowska
Area: 53
Number of rooms: 2
3800 PLN
Mieszkanie 37,58 m2 | 2-pokoje | Piasta Towers
Location: Kraków, ul. Osiedle Bohaterów Września
Area: 37.58
Number of rooms: 2
608796 PLN

Properties for rent in Krakow

You don’t have to search for too long to find unique properties for rent in Krakow. All you have to do is choose your dream location, think about what exactly you expect from an apartment or a house, and then entrust us with the task of searching for the right real estate agency. At Estate Lew Invest, we know perfectly well what you need as an inhabitant of Krakow to live comfortably. Knowing your needs, we have selected the most desirable apartments to place in our database, so that you can enjoy the comfort of your new property. Discover the charms of an apartment with us and find your unique properties for rent in Krakow.

Properties for rent in Kraków in our offer

Choosing the right property is a real challenge – especially when you have not yet defined what you expect and need. There may be many questions in your head related to your new property. Searching on your own usually fails, so choose properties for rent in Krakow with us. Estate Lew Invest is a team of experienced real estate agents who know perfectly well how to find a unique property and what to pay attention to so that the apartment meets all your expectations. Our offer includes properties for rent in Krakow from proven places. Our experts will also help you with:

  • choosing the best location for you in Krakow,
  • identifying needs related to real estate,
  • finding the right place that meets your specific requirements,
  • the safe signing of the contract and settlement of the rental.

A team of specialists from Estate Lew Invest is at your disposal to make the search for an apartment easy for you, and your time is not wasted browsing through apartments that do not match the description or photos.

Individual space from Estate Lew Invest

Years of experience have taught us that every interior can be unique. It just must be tailored to the needs of its renter. However, in Estate Lew Invest we are looking for gems. We do not waste time on properties for rent in Krakow, which do not provide space for rest and the right amount of storage space. We want your new apartment to give you privacy. The apartments available in our offer have been designed so that preparing your favourite dishes, reading an engaging book in your best armchair, or spending time with your loved ones is pure pleasure, without unnecessary ballast.

Our perspective on your properties for rent in Krakow

Our real estate office was created out of love for beautiful and functional real estate. Its creator is Lew Invest. Thanks to this, we can offer you not only properties for rent in Krakow that we have selected but also those that we have designed and finished ourselves. Their standard is high, and every detail is refined so that everyday functioning in the rented property is trouble-free and comfortable. Our apartments boast a long list of advantages, including access to modern electronics, air conditioning, and designer details. These unique places have been created for people who do not want to waste time searching but enjoy their new homes right away. See what awaits in our offer!


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