Plots for rent in Krakow

Number of offers:73
Mistrzejowice| Kurzei| 2pok| 63m2
Location: Kraków, Mistrzejowice, ul. ks. Józefa Kurzei
Area: 63
Number of rooms: 2
3300 PLN
Okazja! Rakowicka NOVUM | 65m2 | 3 pokoje | Balkon
Location: Kraków, Stare Miasto, ul. Rakowicka
Area: 64.58
Number of rooms: 3
6458 PLN
Dębniki| Rozdroże| 54m2| 2pok
Location: Kraków, ul. Rozdroże
Area: 54
Number of rooms: 2
2700 PLN
Mieszkanie na wynajem | Kamienica | Balkon |
Location: Kraków, Kraków-Krowodrza, ul. Królewska
Area: 100
Number of rooms: 4
5000 PLN
Mieszkanie na wynajem | Kamienica | Balkon |
Location: Kraków, Kraków-Krowodrza, ul. Edmunda Biernackiego
Area: 75
Number of rooms: 2
3500 PLN
Mieszkanie na wynajem | Kamienica | Balkon |
Location: Kraków, Kraków-Krowodrza, ul. Edmunda Biernackiego
Area: 75
Number of rooms: 3
3500 PLN
OKAZJA!|Apartament Nowa V Dzielnica | BEZ PROWIZJI
Location: Kraków, Kraków-Krowodrza, ul. Wrocławska
Area: 44.79
Number of rooms: 2
886000 PLN
Mieszkanie 4 pokojowe na sprzedaż | Topografów
Location: Kraków, Swoszowice, ul. Topografów
Area: 60
Number of rooms: 4
699000 PLN
Stare Miasto| Kazimierz| Mostowa|2pok| 40m2
Location: Kraków, ul. Mostowa
Area: 40
Number of rooms: 2
4500 PLN
Nowa Huta| Os. Zielone| 3pok| 73m2
Location: Kraków, ul. os. Zielone
Area: 73
Number of rooms: 3
3200 PLN
Podgórze| Rydlówka| 2pok| 35m2
Location: Kraków, ul. Rydlówka
Area: 35
Number of rooms: 2
3900 PLN
Grzegórzki| Fabryczna| 2pok| 36m2
Location: Kraków, ul. Fabryczna
Area: 36
Number of rooms: 2
3800 PLN

Exceptional plots for rent in Krakow

Estate Lew Invest offers a wide selection of plots for rent in the vicinity of Krakow. In this tab, lots of plots of great variety are waiting for you, so you can easily choose your type, size, and location of the plot. Regardless of the purpose of the premises you choose, our plots for rent in Krakow will be the answer to your interest.

Selected Plots for Rent in Krakow

Plots can be for commercial, industrial, or personal purposes. Our real estate office offering plots for rent in Krakow makes every effort to ensure that each of them is accurately described and illustrated with photos and location maps. Customers have access to detailed information regarding intended use, geodetic parameters, technical conditions, and available utilities of each plot. Efficient communication and proper cooperation are our priorities.

Our plots for rent in Krakow are intended for both individual and business customers who are looking for the perfect plot for their activity. Our real estate office also offers support in the rental process, including filling out the rental agreement, conducting inspections, and solving any problems that may arise. Our real estate agents are always ready to offer a helping hand in any situation.

Choose the right plot for rent in Krakow

Renting a plot for a business is a process that requires a thorough analysis of various factors that can affect the success of this business. Starting from the location, through all local regulations, and ending with building conditions. By working with a professional real estate office, you don’t have to worry about missing key details when searching for plots for rent in Krakow. Call us and make an appointment to discuss the details.

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