Commercial properties for rent in Krakow

Number of offers:169
Przestronne mieszkanie 61m2 Kraków/Kliny
Location: Kraków, Kliny, ul. Profesora Wojciecha Marii Bartla
Area: 61
Number of rooms: 3
780000 PLN
Stare Miasto / Rakowicka / 40 m2 / 3 pokoje
Location: Kraków, ul. Rakowicka
Area: 40
Number of rooms: 3
987000 PLN
Mieszkanie - 2 pokojowe Kraków Prądnik INWESTYCJA
Location: Kraków, Prądnik Czerwony,
Area: 42.1
Number of rooms: 2
545000 PLN
Location: Kraków, Podgórze Duchackie, ul. Facimiech
Area: 17
Number of rooms: 1
2000 PLN
Bronowice| Zaczarowane Koło| 4pok|76m2
Location: Kraków, Bronowice, ul. Zaczarowane Koło
Area: 76
Number of rooms: 4
3800 PLN
Mistrzejowice/ul. Dmowskiego/3 pokoje/80m2
Location: Kraków, ul. Romana Dmowskiego
Area: 80
Number of rooms: 3
4700 PLN
Krowodrza / Lea/ 57m2 / 3pokoje
Location: Kraków, ul. Juliusza Lea
Area: 57
Number of rooms: 3
2900 PLN
3 pokoje | Czyżyny | 73m2
Location: Kraków, Czyżyny, ul. al. Jana Pawła II
Area: 73
Number of rooms: 3
4700 PLN
Bronowice | 2 pokoje | 42m2
Location: Kraków, Bronowice, ul. Stańczyka
Area: 42
Number of rooms: 2
2900 PLN
Prądnik Biały| Azory| 2pok| 42,5m2
Location: Kraków, Prądnik Biały, ul. Piotra Stachiewicza
Area: 42.5
Number of rooms: 2
2500 PLN
Stare Miasto| Retoryka|2pok|35m2
Location: Kraków, Stare Miasto, ul. Retoryka
Area: 35
Number of rooms: 2
2900 PLN
Wykończone biuro gotowe do użytku 500m2 klasy A
Location: Kraków, ul. Jana Kilińskiego
Area: 500
37500 PLN

Commercial properties for rent for agile business

Krakow is an ideal location to create a unique business. However, before you open a modern Italian restaurant or a shop with handmade products, you will need commercial properties for rent. Choosing the premises where your business will operate should be a conscious decision. You should pay attention to the location, the condition of the building, and terms of the agreement and check if potential customers are waiting in a particular place. Choosing commercial properties for rent can be difficult, but thanks to experienced specialists, finding a unique and suitable property will not be a problem.

Location of commercial property for rent matters

You should not choose the first place you see. Similarly, you should not rely solely on the appearance of the space. When opening a business, pay attention to the location. At Estate Lew Invest there are commercial properties for rent available in the best locations in Krakow, which is why they are highly sought after. A well-located space is a chance for easier access to potential customers and easier exposure for those interested in your offer. We offer well-connected locations thoroughly prepared for rent.

High-class commercial properties for rent from Estate Lew Invest

Running a business is pure pleasure – especially when you are supported by the knowledge of experienced specialists. When choosing business premises, you should also take advantage of professional help. At Estate Lew Invest, we make sure that every person making use of our services finds the right place where they will create something unique – whether it is a house, an apartment, or commercial properties for rent. Contact us, and we will find a place for you that will become the soul of your business.


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