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Podgórze | Kawalerka z osobną sypialnią | 40m2
Location: Kraków, Kraków-Podgórze, ul. Jana Tarnowskiego
Area: 40
Number of rooms: 1
2700 PLN
Location: Kraków, ul. Wrocławska
Area: 40
Number of rooms: 2
3199 PLN
Prądnik Czerwony | 4-pokojowy apartamet | 75m2
Location: Kraków, Prądnik Czerwony, ul. Śliczna
Area: 75
Number of rooms: 4
5500 PLN

Renting or buying an apartment in a good district of Krakow is always a difficult decision. It is often accompanied by countless emotions and doubts. Do not act rashly without proper knowledge, and take on Estate Lew Invest. We are a real estate agency with a database of apartments for rent and sale in prestigious localisations in Krakow. Your luxury is at your fingertips, so why not take advantage of it?

What does the estate agent Krakow do?

Estate Lew Invest is an estate agency where you will find your property and stay with it for longer. We offer assistance in finding a high-standard apartment for demanding clients. All that so you can move in or start renting it without wasting unnecessary time. We focus on high quality because it makes the dwelling look perfect. Are you looking for a dream location in the centre of Krakow, where the space is surrounded by beautiful wood, refined details, and an extraordinary finish? Get to know our apartments.

The latest rental offers

Apartments are currently one of the best ways to invest one’s savings. They regularly bring profits, constitute potential security for the future, and when necessary, they will become your place of residence. If you plan to buy a new apartment or one from the secondary market, take a look at our latest rental offers and choose the apartment that best meets your expectations.

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Move to an attractive location that satisfies your needs

  • Flats in the very centre of cities such as Krakow, Zakopane, Gdynia, Skarżysko-Kamienna and Warsaw
  • Floorspace from 27 to 60 sq. m (mean floor area 48 sq. m)
  • Perfect layout arrangement.
apartamenty wrocławska

What makes us different?

  • Perfect location

    We offer flats with excellent connections to key locations in the city.

  • Fully equipped

    The flats are ready to move in. They are equipped with furniture, standard everyday objects, air conditioning, household appliances and electronics.

  • High standard

    Our flats combine quality and beauty. Move into a stylish, modern apartment with quality interior finish.

Estate Agent Krakow who knows the best locations

Krakow is a city full of majestic views, undiscovered alleys, and rich tenement houses with attractive art exhibitions held every week. Finding the right place on your own is tiring and does not guarantee that you will find the exact location you are looking for. However, there is another solution. Get help from Estate agent Krakow, who will help you find a family estate, the best investment in the city. Looking for a thrill? Then we will offer you an apartment in the entertainment district of Krakow. Discover the apartments you will love with us:

Flats in the very centre of cities such as Krakow, Zakopane, Gdynia, Skarżysko-Kamienna and Warsaw

Floor space from 27 to 60 sq. m (average meterage 48 sq. m)

Perfect layout arrangement. 

Call us and find out the details.

Sell ​​wisely thanks to experienced agents

Are you planning to sell your property and do not know where to start? Searching for answers to the most important questions on the Internet will not help you sell your property at the most satisfactory price. Trust Estate agent Krakow, sell smarter, and additionally:

What makes us stand out?

Estate Lew Invest is a real estate office that sets their own rules for the real estate market. We rely on the knowledge we continuously gain, and we do not slow down to constantly keep up with the changing prices and inspirations. We have revolutionized the approach to selling real estate, all thanks to our skills and bold approach to the real estate market. What else distinguishes us?

Estate Agent Krakow – Your guide to the luxurious life

Find or put up for sale your dream property with our help. Inform us precisely what you require, and we will do the rest. Use the contact form and let us know your preferences.

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We will be happy to answer all your questions and help you decide on your dream property. We can help you find out everything you need to know about the place you are looking for as well as resolve any doubts about all formal issues.

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