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Number of offers:114
Mieszkanie 3 pok 83,3 m² Wysoki Standar
Location: Myślenice, ul. ppłk. Jana Dunin-Brzezińskiego
Area: 83.3
Number of rooms: 3
880000 PLN
Dom 140m2 6-pok | Garaż | Ogród
Location: Bochnia, ul. Józefa Romana
Area: 327
Number of rooms: 4
1150000 PLN
Luksusowy dom wolnostojący 5 pokoi 211 m2 | Ogród
Location: Droginia,
Area: 2000
Number of rooms: 5
2000000 PLN
Klimatyczne mieszkanie | 2 pokoje | 52m2 | 2 750zł
Location: Kraków, ul. Krzywy Zaułek
Area: 52
Number of rooms: 2
2750 PLN
Kawalerka | 27m2 | ul. Wrocławska
Location: Kraków, ul. Wrocławska
Area: 27
Number of rooms: 1
2200 PLN
Prądnik Czerwony | ul. Pilotów | 2 pokoje | 48m2
Location: Kraków, ul. Pilotów
Area: 48
Number of rooms: 2
2500 PLN
Bieżanów | ul. Potrzask | 2 pokoje | 37m2
Location: Kraków, ul. Potrzask
Area: 37
Number of rooms: 2
2500 PLN
CENTRUM | ul. Królewska | 2 pokoje | 57m2
Location: Kraków, ul. Królewska
Area: 57
Number of rooms: 2
3000 PLN
Działka budowlana Siercza 30a | Nasłoneczniona
Location: Siercza,
Area: 3064
648000 PLN
Do wynajęcia 2 Pokoje, 40m2, balkon!
Location: Kraków, Grzegórzki, ul. Dąbska
Area: 40
Number of rooms: 2
3500 PLN
Mieszkanie 55.94 m2 ul. Mogilska | Młyny
Location: Kraków, ul. Mogilska
Area: 55.94
Number of rooms: 3
1328657 PLN
Czyżyny | ul. Sołtysowska | 2 pokoje | 34m2
Location: Kraków, ul. Sołtysowska
Area: 34
Number of rooms: 2
2600 PLN

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Corporate housing in Krakow

Welcome to the heart of corporate housing excellence in Krakow. Our meticulously curated corporate apartments offer a convenient alternative to traditional accommodations. Whether you’re looking to house your executives, project teams, or workers, our comprehensive range of furnished apartments ensures that every stay is an exceptional one.

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When your employees embark on business ventures, providing them with a home away from home can make all the difference. Our corporate housing solutions offer a seamless transition between work and relaxation. With spacious living areas, fully equipped kitchens, and modern amenities, our apartments foster an environment that promotes productivity and rejuvenation.

We understand that every business has unique requirements. That’s why our corporate housing services are designed to be fully customizable. Our corporate apartments offer unparalleled convenience.

Located in prime areas of Krakow – proximity to business districts, transportation hubs, and entertainment options ensures that your employees can strike the perfect work-life balance. Say goodbye to long commutes and hello to more efficient days.

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Balancing quality with affordability is our forte. We understand the financial considerations of businesses, which is why our corporate housing solutions offer exceptional value. Save significantly compared to traditional hotels without compromising on comfort or style.

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